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Teeth stains are something none of us like or want because yellowish teeth often portray an image of bad hygiene and habits. To counter this problem, you can stop the most common causes of teeth stains like tea, cigarettes, and alcohol. Or you can use effective teeth whitening products like Premier Brilliance Teeth Whitening Pen which can be used from home to give dentist quality results.

Premier Brilliance is a teeth whitening pen that contains a whitening gel made from potent ingredients like Kosher glycerin, Peppermint oil, and Carbomer. These ingredients work together to help whiten your teeth while removing the present stains from the enamel. This allows you to get whiter teeth without experiencing any side effects or burns. Your teeth can also be protected from plaque, tartar, and decay while being polished when you use Premier Brilliance.

The Causes of Teeth Stains:

We all want to have a brilliant smile with whiter teeth but more often than not, we can’t because of our yellow teeth. If you have yellowish or brownish teeth, you probably have teeth stains due to one or more of these factors:


Tea stains are caused due to the plaque that builds up on the teeth if you don’t regularly brush them to remove the plaque creating bacteria. The dental plaque ends up penetrating into the teeth causing them to become discolored and yellow.


Smoking cigarettes are very harmful to your health as well as your teeth since the nicotine and tar start to slowly build up on the teeth causing the teeth to be stained yellow. It’s been seen that the longer someone has been smoking cigarettes, the yellower the color of their teeth become.


Coffee stains are the most common in regards to teeth stains because Americans drink a lot more coffee than the rest of the world. The caffeine and the rough particles in the coffee cause your enamel to become stained yellow.

Causes of Teeth Stains

The Effective Ingredients:

The ingredients that were used to create the proprietary formula behind Premier Brilliance were hand-selected by experts who decided that they would only use ingredients that cause no side effects to the users. These ingredients have been clinically tested and scientifically proven to help with whitening your teeth.

Kosher Glycerin

Glycerin is a well-known ingredient to promote teeth whitening and is also used in Premier Brilliance for its formula stabilization attributes. This ingredient is Kosher because it is not made from animal by-products.

Peppermint Oil

This is an essential oil that helps combat mouth and gum infections as it contains pain-relieving, antiseptic and antibacterial attributes. Peppermint oil also helps give the teeth whitening gel its fresh, minty flavor.


Carbomer is a powerful oxidizing agent that reactivates the molecules to reduce teeth stains and discoloration. This ingredient helps prevent tooth decay and can keep your teeth stain-free.

Premier Brilliance Ingredients

The Advantages & Benefits:

The only reason thousands of men and women would buy a product is if it gave them advantages and benefits, unlike other products. This is precisely the case with Premier Brilliance as this teeth whitening pen is not like the others since there are scientifically proven ingredients used to create this proprietary teeth whitening gel. This gel whitens teeth and removes stains from the teeth without causing gum bleeding or causing excessive teeth sensitivity which is rare for this type of product.

Here are the other benefits and advantages of using Premier Brilliance:

  • Causes no side effects or pain in the gums.
  • Combats the difficult yellow and brown stains on your teeth.
  • Prevents the buildup of plaque by eliminating plaque creating bacteria.
  • Effective teeth whitening system to remove alcohol and nicotine stains.
  • Removes stains and helps polish teeth.
  • Prevents teeth sensitivity after use.
  • Teeth whitening pen that gives results without tooth irritation.
  • It’s easy to use from the convenience of your home.
  • Ideal for use on sensitive teeth.
  • Works without bleaching trays or whitening trays.
  • Gives dentist quality results from home.
  • Fights the buildup of tartar.
  • Available on manufacturer’s website.
  • Far cheaper than going to the dentist for teeth whitening.
  • Provides natural looking teeth whitening as early as one application.
  • An effective professional teeth whitening solution.
  • Comes at an affordable cost and provides a trial offer.
Premier Brilliance

The Price Of The Risk-Free Trial Offer:

The risk-free trial offer is available online through the manufacturer’s website and is available to 250 customers a day. The reason for this limited number of trial offers is because of the high demand for Premier Brilliance which causes an inventory constraint. The advantage of the risk-free trial is that you can try out this teeth whitening pen for only $3.95 which is the cost of express delivery to your address.

If you wish to try the risk-free trial offer, you should visit the manufacturer’s website and follow the checkout process. The makers state that the package with your Premier Brilliance will be delivered in just a few days and if you require further assistance, you can visit their website for more details or call the helpline on toll-free 1 (888) 319-0117.

The Final Verdict:

When looking at the potency of the ingredients, the list of benefits and the exclusive offer that is provided by the manufacturers, it’s clear to see that Premier Brilliance Teeth Whitening Kit is a quality product that delivers its promise of effective and fast acting benefits without side effects. There are also user reviews and testimonials that are available online and on the manufacturer’s website which provide some positive feedback on the effectiveness of Premier Brilliance. These teeth whitening reviews are a big reason for experts recommending this product.

While there are similar home teeth whitening kits available to be purchased, Premier Brilliance is one of the best in the market and a worthwhile choice for you.

Premier Brilliance Teeth whitening Pen Risk Free Trial

10 Responses to Premier Brilliance

  1. Premier Brilliance is a great way to great white teeth from home. I have been using this whitening pen for a month now and have noticed a big difference in my teeth color.

  2. The benefits of Premier Brilliance outway any negatives this teeth whitening agent has. According to a colleague, he used this product for a month to get rid of his coffee stained teeth.

  3. If you are looking for a quality home teeth whitening kit, Premier Brilliance is for you. This kit helped me get rid of my coffee stains in just 3 applications. While the stains aren’t completed gone, they have definitely reduced to a big extent.

  4. Hi All,

    While there are some long reviews on this site, I will try to keep mine short and sweet.

    Premier Brillance is designed to help remove teeth stains and works similarly to the breaching from the dentist. Because of the natural ingredients, you won’t feel any teeth sensitivity problems or other side effects.

    From the people I have talked to on the forums, Premier brillance is a good product that is worth the price paid.

    Matt Stevens

  5. Teeth whitening and getting rid of teeth stains is something premier brillance can do. The product comes with a teeth whitening gel that is in an easy to use teeth whitening pen that makes it convenient to apply onto the teeth.

    The pen also doesn’t need teeth whitening trays making it a product that can be taken with you everywhere.

    If you are interested in getting a natural teeth whitening alternative to the dentist, Premier Brillance is the product for you.

  6. I am someone who has been drinking 5 cups of coffee every day for the past 4 years ever since I joined my current job because I have to be on-point for the whole time I am at work.

    Unfortunately, because of the amount of coffee I drink, my teeth have been deeply stained leaving them a dirty brown color.

    After I noticed that my teeth stains were something that was causing a negative impact on my work, I decided to get a home-teeth whitening kit. Some research led me to Premier Brillance which I ordered online.

    Using this for the past 4 weeks I can say that it works as claimed as my dirty brown teeth stains are a lot lighter (almost normal). I am going to keep using this teeth whitener until my teeth become pearly white and brilliant.

  7. While others are scrambling to get their teeth whitening done from their dentists, I made the smart decision of whitening my own teeth from home using Premier Brilliance. According to a friend (who is also a dentist), most people can use these home teeth whitening kits without any issues.

  8. There are many products that say that they provide whiter teeth but more often than not, they fall through with their promise.

    However, with Premier Brilliance, you are guaranteed to get whiter teeth because it contains powerful ingredients that have been selected for thie teeth whitening properties.

    While this may seem like a shock, but the truth is that I have not experienced any teeth sensitivity after using Premier Brilliance

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